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There are many ideas and comments running in my mind that I need to share with the group. Every week I will post something, blog-like, and I will keep them here in reverse chronology, such that the most recent comments are at the top. I feel part of my responsibility to the community is to raise consciousness of certain issues, so, as a teacher, not an opinionated fuddy-duddy, I speak my piece.

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It is not commonly known, in this center of the Alaska Bible Belt, that I am an intensely religious person: the sanctity of musical truth is the bedrock of my life. I have put my faith in music for 35 years and have always been given "just enough" to do my work and sing my songs. Music is a strict taskmaster, but it is a kind bestower of blessings. Let us contemplate the mysterious joy of music and be blessed.
September 28, 08
How To Get Kids to Practice

June 17, 08
Escape From Success

May 15, 08
The Non-retention of RFT

May 7, 08
Sports Widow